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wifi Bruteforce attackWe can attack on any wpa and wpa2 wifi network by the help of Kali-linux and ubuntu machine. It is very popular to the cyber attacker to use Bruteforce for performing wi-fi hacking using wibr+ apps. We know that we can hack any facebook account by bruteforce attack.

But what if when we can attack on both WPA and WPA2 security based wifi router from Android phone? Yes,we can do this amazing thing from our non rooted android device to any local area network.

Although they pretend to be about auditing wifi networks But all these type of applications are really about getting passwords from wireless networks making the most of the vulnerabilities of routers.

In previous post,I showed how to hack wifi password with github tool in termux.You can read it after reading this.

what is WIBR+?

Basically, WIBR+ is a powerful WiFi Bruteforceer tool that is designed for Android device.It doesn't required any root access and it is capable of accessing WPA and WPA2 network by means of brute force attack.

What can you do by it?

For such purpose, it makes use of different 8-digit combinations to find out the router's password. These numbers aren't calculated out of the blue but are really those that correspond to many companies whose PIN numbers are known or at least how they're can also do,

  • bruteforce attack on wifi router
  • dictionarry attack
  • majorment attack
  • MITM attack

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum Android version 4.0.
  • doesn't required root access

How to use WIBR+ apps

To use this app, we only have to do the following step:

  • choose the network you want to access.
  • choose the dictionary or the set or brute force attacks required.
  • wait for the validity of the PIN number to be checked. It may take some time.

WIBR+ really works. Once you download its APK, you'll be able to access for free the WiFi networks of your unwary neighbors that still use the default values of their carriers and router makers to go online. It's almost as if they were looking for it.

Download this apps from this link>> If you need any kind of tool than tell me in comment box.

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