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My site suffered a lot due to the Google algorithm update. In this way, the daily has gone from 600 visitors to 40 visitors. Nothing happened even after updating the post day and night. 

Finally I moved to another new website. The mistakes I made were:

1) Creating a website with xyz domain. [Although it does not affect the ranking, I still felt inferior and because of this I was very frustrated in my blogging life.

2) I created a lot of backlinks.

3) I used to write by stealing the idea of ​​the competitor.

4) I used to write articles with Ai.

5) I used to spin another person's writing and add it to my own post.

6) I never tried to use my knowledge and experience.

Finally the first chapter of my blogging life came to an end with Google's algorithm penalty! But since the 5th of last month, I have started a new chapter in my blogging life and so far I am writing a post with as much as I have. Fortunately, after two days of applying for Google AdSense, I got AdSense approval today. From this I understood a few things.

First of all you have to write for your visitors-- not for Google search engine.

Secondly, you have to be a problem solver, who will solve various problems of his audience.

Thirdly, no Ai can be used without forgetting.

Must work for at least 3 consecutive months non-stop. In the fourth month after three months of continuous work you will come to thank me yourself.

Try to get a small amount of backlinks, but don't forget to take backlinks from any spamming site. On the other hand, don't try to eat everything for free. Try to get links by contacting the owners of good websites. If not, you spend money. 

Remember, blogging is the most profitable business on the internet, I know of many bloggers who started out just like us. But in 3-4 years, one person is earning 80-90 thousand dollars per month. (For example, There are many unnamed bloggers. There is no shortage in Bangladesh. Just watch the news.

There is nothing to say about those who are not starting blogging because they do not have a computer. My computer crashed when I was on Blogger. Then I came to WordPress and since then I have been working with mobile. And I'm still doing that. 

Finally, I would like to thank Brother Millad in particular. I learned a lot from him. 

The video below is for those whose website is not approved in AdSense. Content is at the root of everything. You have to write well and format it nicely to make the user experience better. Good luck everyone and may the Creator accept the efforts of all of us!

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